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Meet the Instructors

Here at SSR we believe that everyone has the ability to be a great musician. So to help out, we have gathered some of the best instructors around to teach you to play like a pro. Our instructors are specialized in multiple instruments and are active musicians who have dedicated their lives to music. We can teach to any level or ability. Whether you are just starting out or getting ready for your next tour, Soul Search Records is the place for all your needs!

Brian Caine

Teaches: Guitar, voice, beginner level keys

Brian Caine has been performing for over 10 years. He is experienced in genres from hip-hop to classic rock, and delivers a style all his own. He is an honors graduate of Berklee College of Music with a dual degree in Music Production and Engineering and Music Business Management. Prior to Berklee, Brian was classically trained as a vocalist by Georgia Marandino. He fine-tuned his skills at Berklee with Joey Blake (performs with Bobby McFerrin). Brian learned guitar and piano from his father a semi-pro guitarist and an educator of educators. As a producer and sound engineer, Brian has worked with musicians spanning different genres and cultures including Grammy Award winning sound engineer Hector Ivan Rosa (Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, El Gran Combo). He currently offers voice, piano, guitar, and music theory lessons to students of all abilities.

Ernesto Gerardo

Teaches: Guitar, bass, beginner level keys, music reading and theory

Ernie Gerardo is from Cleveland, Ohio, where he has taught guitar since high school. He was also a member of his school show choir, jazz band, and orchestra. As a senior, he also took an internship assisting his own guitar teacher, and learning how to deal with students of different ages. To make a long story short, he's got a lot of experience in music education.

When not teaching, Ernie wears a lot of hats in the music industry; he is a producer, engineer, composer, songwriter, and a multi-instrumentalist.

He's been Brian's production partner since they met at Berklee College of Music in 2006.

He is a 2010 Berklee graduate with dual degrees in Music Production & Engineering and Music Business/Management. You can learn more about him by clicking here

Phil Crayton

Teaches: Guitar, bass, music reading and theory

After picking up the Bass around age 12, Phil Crayton attended Berklee College of Music and received his bachelors in Music Production and Engineering & Music Business. While working across many genres, Phil specializes in Indie, Alt. Rock, and Pop with a strong focus on production, artist development, mixing, and mastering. Before coming to Soul Search, he worked as a freelance producer and engineer working with a variety of bands across New England. Outside the studio, he currently works as an accomplished manager in the music products industry.

Dan Vosk

Teaches: Guitar

From a young age, Dan found his love for music. Growing up in a home of musicians and being surrounded by different styles of music, it only made sense that Dan would choose a creative career. Dan began studying the guitar at the age of 13 with a local guitar instructor in Clinton, NJ. After studying with his private lessons teacher for 8 years, he then went on to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where Dan began to open up his playing to many different playing styles and techniques.

Since leaving Boston, Dan decided to move to New York City to establish his career as a guitarist. Since being in New York, Dan has been playing for many different artists in some of the city's best venues. With these artists, Dan has been fortunate to share the stage with artists such as Big Sean, Dwele, Jaiden The Cure, Ryan Cabrera, and more. Dan has also completed two tours of Ireland with NYC artist Mike Scala where the group was featured on RTE TV, Balcony TV, and some of Ireland's top radio stations. The band also worked with Irish artists Ryan Sheridan, Aslan, The Stunning, and Bipolar Empire.

Aside from his live work, Dan has also been active in the studio recording for a variety of artists and in many different genres. Currently, Dan works as a guitarist for a handful of NYC based groups and is now also musical director for rising pop/rap star 'She's Ryan'. Living by the words of a good friend, "dead time is shed time", Dan works every day to establish himself as a force in the New York music scene.


If you would like to visit our state-of-the-art facilities and meet with the instructors, give us a call at (973) 588-5557.